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Oxford Pierpont is a company with a simple mission: To help business owners turn their dreams and ideas into reality through the provision of practical business services. We believe that every business has something valuable to offer the world, and we believe that it is our job to make sure that our clients succeed.

From our perspective, every business out there needs the services that we have to offer. With you on our team, we can help business executives realize their potential growth, engage with their target markets, and increase their profit margins. All through the deployment of indispensable business services.

What we are looking for…

We are looking for salespeople who are passionate about seeing others succeed, especially when provided with the means to help another person move forward in reaching their goals. We also need people who are self starters that can do what needs to be done, and can reach targets aggressively and consistently. Most importantly, at Oxford Pierpont, we are looking for leaders who can guide others through daunting or confusing decision making processes so that everyone can be successful.

Our Business Development Consultants…

As an Oxford Pierpont Business Development Consultant, you will be responsible for discovering new clients, introducing them to our offering of services, and closing sales. This position does not require that you maintain or manage your accounts, as that responsibility is dedicated to the Sales Coordinator on your team. This means that as a Business Development Consultant, you are free to focus your time and energy on building new relationships and generating new business.

As an essential component of our overall growth strategy, you will be on the front lines of our brand, and will be responsible for nurturing our professional brand identity in the minds of your prospects. This means that you will exhibit the values and culture of the Oxford Pierpont brand, and maintain a consistent level of quality service in every interaction.

This role involves soliciting, confirming and tracking orders across multiple sales channels;  staying current on product updates; evaluating changes in client needs; building custom service packages; understanding competitor and market trends; and effectively communicating client needs to production teams.

An ideal Business Development Consultant is a hunter, who can consistently identify and engage qualified prospects during both remote and face to face meetings.

Who Qualifies…

This role requires a basic understanding of the business services we offer, and if you are selected as one of the few who will join our team, you will be asked to complete a short written and verbal examination of your base knowledge level. Oxford Pierpont Business Development Consultant should be able to demonstrate their working knowledge to their clients, answering any questions that may arise regarding basic business concepts. A qualified Oxford Pierpont Business Development Consultant will have the following:

  • 3+ years of verifiable Business to Business sales experience in at least one of the following areas:
    • General Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Business Planning
    • Business Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Website Design
    • Social Media Management
    • Ad-campaign Management
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to elicit information, actively listen, negotiate tense situations, and successfully resolve conflict
  • A high aptitude for problem-solving and finding mutually beneficial solutions for Clients and Oxford Pierpont
  • Proven track record of working within a team and with other internal stakeholders to deliver business results and create team success
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage competing priorities
  • Ability to prepare, plan, and deliver persuasive product presentations
  • Ability to interpret data to inform sound business decisions
  • Intermediate-level proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Intermediate Business Planning experience
  • Must have regular access to your own computer, smartphone, and internet (Note that these items are not provided for home-based positions).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or an equivalent field is preferred

The Salary…

Oxford Pierpont Business Development Consultants earn a 20% commission on their initial sale (all sales are $2,500+), and an ongoing 10% commission on monthly renewals for the life of the sold contract.

With our average sales price being $2,500.00, this amounts to an average commission of $500 for initial sales and $250 per month residually. With a projected average of 2 sales per week, an Oxford Pierpont Business Development Consultant is expected to increase their income by no less than $4,000 monthly. To maintain employment, a bare minimum of 2 completed sales are required per month.

Oxford Pierpont is committed to employing a diverse workforce. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.

90 Day Probation Period

90 Day Minimum Earnings Projection: $12,600

All applicants for our sales positions begin as commission-only Independent Sales Contractors, and after a short period of training, can qualify to become full-time Business Development Consultants, with a base-pay and benefits in addition to their commissions.

Why? Simply because we want to build a strong team of capable salespeople who are serious about their careers. This probation period serves as an efficient way to quickly decipher who is right for our team, and who is not.

  • 20% commissions on the initial sale plus 10% residual commissions every month for the life of the contract.
  • $1,600 Activity Bonus paid once per pay period to those who successfully closed at least one new sale within the pay period.
  • Salaries paid on the 1st and 15th day of every month.
Full Time Business Development Consultants

Salespeople who make it through the probation period become Business Development Consultants, and that’s where the fun really starts!

  • 20% commissions on the initial sale plus 10% residual commissions every month for the life of the contract.
  • $52k+ per hour base pay, paid at 40 hours per week.
  • Flexible schedule with 4 day work weeks.
  • Salaries paid on the 1st and 15th day of every month.
  • Health, life, vision and dental insurance.
  • Paid time off.
  • 401k
  • Access to management training.


Business Financing Solutions From Oxford Pierpont

Did you know that Oxford Pierpont helps companies build their business credit and qualify for financing?

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