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Oxford Pierpont serves small businesses by providing the essential services required for any business to launch in our modern, interconnected world. To help Oxford Pierpont reach its goal of becoming the number one small business consulting firm in the country, we need great people like you to share our values and discover new clients every day.

As a member of our team, you will learn and adopt our client first values, with a perspective that makes every client feel like they are the only client, giving them the piece of mind to know that their business is in good hands.

If you are interested in becoming a valued part of the Oxford Pierpont team, submit your application today! Thank you.

Currently Open Positions

Oxford Pierpont Business Development Consultant

$52k Base Pay, Commission, & Benefits

We are seeking a qualified sales professional who can effectively prospect and close new sales in the Digital Marketing industry.

We Are Only Accepting Sales Career Applications At This Time.

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1 of 5: You sell HR software and are talking to a prospective customer about your premium software package. The prospect asks you, “How will your product help my business?” Which is the best response? *
2 of 5: A prospective client tells you she has used your main competitor for 10 years and likes their product. Which is the best response? *
3 of 5: A client is interested in using your firm’s accounting services. You’ve qualified the customer and have gone through your sales pitch. Now, you want to shift the conversation to negotiate price. Which phrase is best? *
4 of 5: You work for a catering service in a market where you have no competitive advantage. A prospect on a call asks you, “What makes your service different than the rest?” How should you respond? *
5 of 5: You’re in a tech show booth displaying your company’s newest smartwatches. You’re offering a discount for purchasing today at the booth. While engaging a prospect, he hesitates at the price and asks if he can have some information to take with him. What is the best response? *
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