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“Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful — be concerned with doing good work and make the right choices and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually, that name will be its own currency.”

– William S. Burroughs

All Hiring is Closed Until September 1, 2020

We are a company that you can grow with!

Because we prefer to promote our people from within, our team members have a clear and attainable path for ever-increasing success (and pay!).

Our Team is made up of…

Nationwide Support Staff that generate a constant buzz about our company.
Business Development Teams that generate sales, deliver quality work, and maintain constant communication with our clients.
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Business Development Consultants

Base Pay + Commission

Responsible for generating leads and closing sales.

Sales Coordinator

Base Pay (Entry Level)

Responsible for onboarding new clients, coordinating the work with the Development Team, and gauging the happiness levels of our clients by performing regular check-ins.

Technical Developers

Base Pay (Advanced)

Responsible for delivering the great services we offer and ensuring that each client receives more than they paid for.

Business Development Managers that motivate our teams, reinforce our values, and drive our growth ambitions.
Regional Managers that steadily expand our reach within their territories, and strengthen our place in the market.
Corporate Management that protect the values and culture of our company nationwide.

Get Trained & Promoted In 90 Days Or Less

All applicants for our sales positions begin as commission-only Independent Sales Contractors, and after a short period of training, can qualify to become full-time Business Development Consultants, with a base-pay and benefits in addition to their commissions.

Why? Simply because we want to build a strong team of capable salespeople who are serious about their careers. This probation period serves as an efficient way to quickly decipher who is right for our team, and who is not.

Get promoted after 90 days, or after closing 12 sales (whichever comes first)
Earn 20% commissions on your initial sale, and a residual 10% commission every month for the life of your sold contract
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What is a sale?

If accepted onto our team, you’ll primarily be selling our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services starting at a rate of $2,500/mo on a one year contract.

With a 20% + 10%/mo commission structure, this means that you’ll earn at least:

  • $500 every time you close a new sale
  • $250/mo on every sale that you’ve closed already

As your client base begins to expand, you’ll find that your residual commissions quickly add up to an AMAZING salary!

Earn an extra $1,600.00 Activity Bonus every pay period that you make at least ONE sale
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The Pay Periods

We pay on the 1st and the 15th day of every month via direct deposit.

The Activity Bonus

The Activity Bonus is our way to reward the people who are succeeding on our sales team during their 90 day probation period. Totaling $1,600.00, the Activity Bonus equates to a salary of $20/hr paid at 40 hours per week.

All that you have to do is get at least ONE sale every pay period. That’s about once every 2 weeks. Keep in mind that an average salesperson can close a sale in 1-3 business days, so as long as you’re working, we expect everyone to easily earn the Activity Bonus.

No Account Management Required. You only have to prospect and close sales. We’ll do the rest.
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What happens after I close a sale?

Part of what makes our company special is our extreme focus on Customer Service, and because of this, we dedicate someone to each account whose job it is to focus entirely on keeping our clients happy. This is the role of the Sales Coordinator.

Because we’ve structured things in this way, our salespeople are free to do what they do best – close sales!

Unlimited one on one training, and unlimited Sales Call Support
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What is “Sales Call Support”

To help our salespeople get a faster start and additional training, we provide sales call support during the probation period. A trained specialist will join you on your sales calls (if requested) and explain the more complex aspects of our services to your potential clients so that you don’t have to know everything at once.

This means that you can focus your time on prospecting for better clients, building relationships, and closing sales.

What is the one on one training?

Because our specialists can’t help with your sales calls forever, we also provide one on one training that helps you practice and test your knowledge. Once you’re ready, you’ll be able to explain our services just as confidently as our specialists can!

A Growing Salary With All The Bells & Whistles

Salespeople who make it through the probation period become Business Development Consultants, and that’s where the fun really starts!

Full time base pay of at least $20/hr plus your commissions
Loads of BENEFITS including Health, Vision, Dental, Life, 401k, Paid Time Off, and MORE
Flexible work schedules that allow you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance
Access to management training and management opportunities

All Hiring is Closed Until 09/01/2020

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