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What can you track with advanced data?

Oxford Pierpont offers other digital marketing companies customized advanced data lists that can be used to identify businesses in need of a variety of digital marketing services nationwide.

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We send digital marketing companies advanced data lists of potential clients who are mathematically identified to be in need of marketing services!

With our data, you can identify target clients based on:

Count of Keywords

We filter our companies with over 250 keywords.

Count of Backlinks

We filter our companies with over 500 backlinks.

Count of Referring Domains

We filter our companies with over 50 referring domains.

Google Listing Status

“Own this business?” With our data, you’ll know if a listing is claimed or unclaimed.

Reputation Management

Our data includes both the quantity of reviews, and the star rating of the listing.

Any US industry. Any US location.

We can generate data for any industry anywhere in the US.*

How do we generate our proprietary data?

Our data is generated in two steps. We start with a search on Google for companies in a target industry and location (Example: divorce attorneys in Atlanta, GA), and we collect the Google My Business information of every result returned. Next, we research the websites of each listing and pull critical data on that website’s digital status online (Example: keywords, backlinks, referring domains, domain authority, ect.).

How can this kind of data help your digital marketing company grow?

Traditional marketing methods are becoming obsolete. Often, loan officers using demographic based targeting methods see inconsistent results, unqualified referrals, and severely expensive campaigns. To make matters worse, loan officers are often spending a disproportionate amount of their time sourcing leads, rather than closing loans.
Here are a few ideas of ways that our data helps digital marketing companies:
Website developers might use our data to quickly identify companies who do not have a website, or have a poorly built one.
SEO companies might use our data to quickly identify businesses with a low count of backlinks and keywords.
Reputation management companies might use our data to quickly identify businesses with too few reviews orpoor reviews.
Facebook advertising companies might use our data to quickly generate “Lookalike Audiences” for their campaigns.

What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

Get started with a sample of our proprietary data lists today!

Our data lists can include all of the following fields:

  • Company
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • All found email addresses (When available)
  • Website
  • Google My Business listing status (Claimed/Unclaimed)
  • Google My Business rating
  • Total number of reviews
  • Quantity of profile photos
  • Website IP Address (If available)
  • Domain Rating
  • Count of domains
  • Count of referring domains
  • Count of referring IP’s
  • Count of linked domains
  • Count of backlinks
  • Count of keywords
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