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Our Founder, Bob Hunter

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Back in 2015, I was a normal guy with a really great job, a beautiful family, a great home, a great dog, and a generally happy life. As the Director of Operations Development at LMI Solutions, I was the king of my own little hill, creating amazing business development solutions for the company that varied wildly from building ERP software for the company, to establishing entire departments, all in the name of growth. Times were great, and the whole thing was genuinely fun.

But unfortunately, I also have this thing called Sickle Cell Disease – a serious and disabling blood disorder – and on February 29, 2016, sickle cell took my vision in my right eye (after already taking my hearing in my left ear 4 years prior), and I lost my job over it because I was now a safety hazard. Really.

So just like that, there went the wonderful job, and all that came with it (family included). At the time, I was too young and foolish to know that I should at least ask for some sort of severance pay, and I instantly found myself struggling to not only learn to read again with my remaining eye, but also, how to work and pay bills again.

Within 6 months, I’d figured out how to do both, but this time, I’d create glorious things not for another employer, but instead, for myself and my own clients. And thus, the entity known as Oxford Pierpont was born.

For over half a decade now, I have worked to provide incredibly polished and efficient business development services to small business owners and multi-national corporations alike, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible.

More importantly, I have gained so much personal value from meeting and consulting with hundreds of business owners at all stages of the process, and in that process, I have changed lives.

Like any good story, there is more to it than I can appropriately convey in a short bio, but if you’d like to learn more about me, my companies, or my missions, please feel free to reach out to my team for a one on one conversation.

– Bob Hunter

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