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Thoughtful and thorough content marketing is an essential part of any Search Engine Optimization campaign, and can really boost your overall standing in the marketplace if done correctly. When people query search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, they are provided with search content that is intelligently relevant to the subject of their search.

Because this process happens billions of times each day, it is imperative that your website has relevant content ready, with thorough optimization, so that customers can find your business every time.

Talk to one of our professional writers for more information about how this process works and what benefits you can expect from publishing content marketing articles written by Oxford Pierpont copywriters.

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At Oxford Pierpont, our staff of professional copywriters follow a strict multi-step process to ensure the consistent production of content that is relevant to your business, converts for sales, and adds to the greater body of knowledge on the internet.

1. Topic research

First, our copywriters take the time to perform a Google search of the topic, and to review the content already submitted on the topic. They then follow this with extensive Google AdWords research to identify which keywords they will need to focus on for optimum SEO applicability.

2. Drafting

Because of our fast paced lifestyles, users of the internet want information in easy to read bite sizes that are short and to the point. While our writers are more than capable of long form writing, experience has shown us that these articles do not convert as often. Therefore, during the drafting process, our copywriters work to divide the topic into 3-5 headline points, that they can then explore in detail for readers with longer attention spans. (Note that when conversions are not the goal, long form articles actually perform better in SEO rankings than short form articles.)

3. Final Drafts

With the core outline written, the next step is to make sure that their writing makes logical sense, does not hold any obvious biases, and has evenly spread keywords with a strong keyword density. In other words, “does the article flow?”

4. Proofreading

Here, our team will read the article several times to check for syntax, tone, and of course grammar.

5. SEO By Yoast

Before sending in their work, our copywriters run the article through the WordPress plugin SEO By Yoast, where they get feedback on keyword density, readability, and anything else that they may have missed during their final checks. For some topics, our copywriters may have it read by others on the team, or general readers with relevant knowledge on the subject. Once approved internally, the article is delivered to you for final review.

This process takes me about 3-5 hours to produce 750-1,250 words (depending on the topic), and revisions are always free of charge. We do not rush or cut corners on the aforementioned process, and therefore guarantee our work.


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