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At Oxford Pierpont, we believe that choosing the right logo at the start of a new business venture sets the tone and direction of the entire brand going forward. A logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity, and it connects with your audience on an emotional level, giving you the opportunity to communicate what your business is all about, without saying or selling anything at all.

Because we take it so seriously, logo design at Oxford Pierpont is a multistep collaborative process with our graphic design team. We take the time to understand the vision you have for your business, the message you want to communicate to your customers, and the audience you want to target. With this information, we then work closely with you to tweak and mold a variety of concepts until we have the one that works just for you.

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At Oxford Pierpont, our teams follow the same logo design process every single time for consistent results.

1. Consultation

The logo design process starts with a conversation, and we listen the vision you have for your business, we learn about your target audience, and then we learn what you would want to communicate to that audience.

2. Research

With a better understanding of your business, we then research similar businesses in the marketplace to take note of what has been done already. This ensures that our team can deliver a logo that is truly creative and unique to your business.

3. Design

Once we have enough ideas, the teams divide and put together concepts for your logo. We criticize the variety of designs internally and discuss which direction to focus on. In some cases, we also reach out to others with relevant knowledge and feedback on the industry.

4. Revisions

With a design concept in place, we then reach out to you, to verify that you agree with the direction of the design, and at this stage, we tweak and edit the work until it is to your liking. When necessary, the design may be edited via screen share so that you have an opportunity to see your feedback with live edits.

5. Delivery

Once the design is complete, standard variations are created and delivered in a design pack with all of the files and color codes necessary for you to freely use your new logo. The variations include the main logo, the symbol only, the text only, a social media profile logo, and any other variants as necessary for the design (e.g. different color options or shapes).

Oxford Pierpont retains no rights to your work once it has been paid for and delivered, and all designs are yours to freely use as you wish.


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