Website Development Service – Basic


Congratulations on your new business venture. We are happy that you found Oxford Pierpont, and we are excited about the opportunity to earn your business. We would like to offer you our professional website development services, which include a cybersecurity setup with anti-hacking measures taken up front, website installation and setup, webpage development, and copywriting.

Your website will be responsive, functional, and relevant, serving as the central hub for your customers. It is the cornerstone of your online presence.

  • The basics include your Home, About, and Contact pages, each of which will feature custom copywriting as needed, relevant to your specific vision.
  • Collaborative copywriting is required to describe your products, your services, and general information about the history of your business.
  • If needed, an ecommerce framework can be setup as well. This will allow your clientele to process payments through your website, and via their mobile devices.
  • Additional features and functionality, relevant to your site, are listed below in the summary of actions and objectives.

When you are ready, you can make your payment by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below, and completing the checkout process. Repeat clients are encouraged to set up a user account for ease of use in the future. For your convenience, you may also pay over the phone.



1. Hosting & Security

At Oxford Pierpont, our teams develop beautiful, functional websites, but all of that hard work would be useless if the website gets taken down by foreign hackers. That is why cyber security management is always the first step in our process. We perform custom WordPress Installations, build custom MySQL & phpMyAdmin databases, secure the file system, and install security plugins to prevent brute force logins and malware attempts.

2. Website Setup

Once we are working in a cyber secure environment, we begin the web design process. Based on the goals you have for your website, we apply an appropriate design, and add the functionality required for your website to perform the tasks you specify. At this stage, we also integrate the website with other relevant platforms for data synchronization and/or increased functionality as needed.

3. Webpage Development

With the foundation of the website in place, our teams move on to creating the individual pages that will make up your website. All of our standard websites include Home, About and Contact pages, each with custom copywriting relevant to your specific vision.

Another function included with every website is a payment processing ready e-commerce store, complete with shopping carts and checkout pages. Based on the specifics of your business, you may also receive pages dedicated to your products or services, as well as any other specific pages needed for the function of your site. The details of additional pages will be discussed during your Website Development Consultation.


Summary of Action Items & Objectives

 Standard Development Charges

The action items and objectives listed are each necessary for the development of a website built to Oxford Pierpont standards, and therefore, cannot be changed. This is our baseline website development package.

1Domain Nameserver Mapping1$149.99
2MySQL Database Setup1$99.99
3FTP Website Install1$99.99
4Custom Database Prefix Setup1$49.99
5.Htaccess Coding with wp-config.php protection1$299.99
6php.ini Setup1$49.99
7LoginLockdown Installation & Setup1$49.99
8WordFence Installation & Setup1$99.99
9Visual Composer with Admin Setup1$99.99
10Formidable Pro with Admin Setup1$149.94
11Landing Page Design & Development4$999.95

Base Website Total: $1,074.85

Optional Website Upgrades

At your request, we have included the following website upgrades, according to your needs. These items are not critically necessary for the development of a standard website, and can be adjusted as you require.

1Website Copywriting (About Page)1$100.00
2eCommerce Integration1$150.00
3EventBrite Integration1$150.00
4YouTube Integration1$150.00
5Managed Wordpress Hosting (Yearly)1$225.00

Premium Total: $1,849.85

We are PROUD of our portfolio!

We have proudly established a track record of excellence right from the start. Do your research, read the reviews, and check out our portfolio so that you can start your project with CONFIDENCE!