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In our digitally connected world, having a modern website is non-negotiable and critical to the overall success of your business. Our Atlanta web design company has experienced web designers and website developers who work to assess your needs and your vision.

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We help medium to large businesses create a profitable presence online through the development and deployment of high-converting websites.

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Our Service Is Comprehensive

What's Included With Our Premium Website Development Service?


Complimentary Website Audit

We identify your current website and the websites of your top competitors, and help you determine what direction to take for you new site.

Design & Development Consultation

Based on your audit, we will further assess your business goals and help you create a plan for your new website.

Demo Website Development

The work is done on our demo server so that you can see the progress happening live at “”.

Collaborative Feedback & Updates

After your demo has been completed, we work with you to implement any desired modifications.

Initial Website Launch

After you have approved everything on your demo website, we transfer the site to your live domain and publicly publish it.

Post-Launch Modifications

After the live launch, our development team remains in place for an additional week of on-the-fly modifications as needed.

Expedited Service Is Standard

Get Your New Website Built In As Little As 10 Days!

Our Portfolio Is Extensive

We Have Developed Over 1000 Webpages Since 2016.

Our Process At A Glance

To ensure that each client enjoys the same level of quality and service, our teams follow a strict multi-step process for each project. At a glance, this process can be summarized as:

Our business development team can help you with:

The Design Consultation

The design consultation is the first and most important step in our process. It is our opportunity to understand the long term vision you have for your business and your purpose for your website.

This simple conversation sets the tone and pace for the development process going forward.

We Are Ready To Listen

We Begin Every Project With A Consultation So That We Can Understand the Unique Needs Of Your Business.

Hosting Service & Security

At Oxford Pierpont, our teams develop beautiful, functional websites, but all of that hard work would be useless if the website gets taken down by foreign hackers.

That is why cyber security management is always the first step in our process. We perform custom WordPress Installations, build custom MySQL & phpMyAdmin databases, secure the file system, and install security plugins to prevent brute force logins and malware attempts.

These security protocols are enhanced with secure servers as part of our Atlanta hosting services.

Our Hosting Service Includes:


Website Setup

Once we are working in a cyber secure environment, we begin the web design process. Based on the goals you have for your website, we apply an appropriate design, and add the functionality required for your website to perform the tasks you specify.

At this stage, we also integrate the website with other relevant platforms for data synchronization and/or increased functionality as needed.

During the build process, we perform:

Webpage Development

With the foundation of the website in place, our Atlanta web design company moves on to creating the individual pages that will make up your website. All of our standard websites include Home, About and Contact pages, each with custom copywriting relevant to your specific vision.

Another function included with every website is a payment processing ready eCommerce store, complete with shopping carts and checkout pages. Based on the specifics of your business, you may also receive pages dedicated to your products or services, as well as any other specific pages needed for the function of your site. The details of additional pages will be discussed during your Website Development Consultation.

During the development process, we perform:

Search Engine Optimized Pages

After your webpages are created, we take the time to verify that the content of each page is optimized for search engine visibility. This means customizing the permalinks, the photo names and attributes, and the page titles. We also verify the keyword density and readability of each webpage, and we take the time to include customized SERP, Facebook, and Twitter snippets.

This simple conversation sets the tone and pace for the development process going forward.

During the development process, we perform:

Security Monitoring & Maintenance

Our website development process begins with security, and it ends with security. With hackers regularly discovering new security holes and plugin vulnerabilities, our Atlanta based hosting services and security teams are diligent about monitoring the trends in cyber security and performing regular maintenance updates on your site to keep it protected. We also perform regular backups of your website files and databases so that we can recover any information lost in the highly unlikely event of a crash.

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During the website audit, we will review:

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– William S. Burroughs

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